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Reviv – Reviv Sydney City

Developed by Medical Physicians, REVIV is the world leading formula in elective hydration, beauty and wellness therapy. Trusted internationally at several locations, REVIV is now in Sydney located at MedFirst Medical Centre.

Each patient is first seen by a medical professional to ensure eligibility criteria are met before receiving our REVIV wellness therapies that leave you feeling your best!

Applying innovative Western medicine to an Eastern philosophy of balance, REVIV helps restore equilibrium through vitamin-infused therapies to combat and to treat the effects of dehydration, strenuous physical activity, ageing, sunburns, fatigue, hangovers and other factors.



Products & Prices

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IV INFUSIONS (starting from $149):

Hydromax- pure hydration - $149
Ultraviv - 
refreshment from tough days/nights - $279
maintenance of health & vigour- $349
Vitaglow - 
cosmetic rejuvenation & wellness - $349
Royal Flush
- max recovery & detoxification - $549

IM SHOTS  (starting from $49):

B-12 - natural energy boost - $49
Slimboost - 
organic metabolic enhancement - $129

Slimboost Fat Burning Program Purchase this Program containing 4 Slimboost shots recommended weekly. Total upfront cost: $396, includes 4 slimboost shots valued at $99 each, saving $120!


IV Infusions Packages: Look under Specials for our packages with 10% off on our IV Infusions (pack of 4), offers available through our Online Booking Portal




Learn more about us and our products at www.revivme.com or visit us on Facebook

*Vitamin infusions/IM Shots are not a substitute for a balanced diet or proper nutrition

*All our ingredients are supplied locally by authorised pharmaceutical companies, and all our policies comply with the highest standards of patient care - REVIV has the right to reject one of its services if medical assessment criteria are not met.

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601, Level 6, 405 Sussex St, Haymarket

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